Have a high tea…

Have a high tea…

Easy-peasy FUNdraising

Here are some really easy ways to FUNdraise - get everyone involved, your kids, your mates, your family - ANYONE you can think of. For starters…

Make and sell cupcakes at work, at school or have a bake-off

Host a high tea

Host a special dinner party or a picnic at the races

Hold a garage sale or sell your excess stuff at a car-boot sale - one person’s trash is another person’s treasure

Make jewellery, sew a quilt, arrange a flower display, paint a masterpiece

Ask if you can hold a casual dress day at work, or at your local school

Have a long lunch

A golf day

Cocktail party

Karaoke night

Coins in a jar.jpg

for the adventurous

If you like a challenge then some of these ideas may excite you..

Host a movie night

Hold an auction

Create a ‘Go Fund Me’ on your Facebook page

Get a sponsor (local business, your place of work)

Hold a raffle - seek prizes from local businesses/friends/colleagues

‘Give it Up day’ - ask people to give something up for a day or a week e.g. cups of coffee and donate what it would cost. 5 cups of coffee at $4 each would give you $20

Host a social event e.g. Quiz/Trivia night; Poker night/Wine and Cheese night/Progressive Dinner Party

Charitable house party - invite your friends round for a fee (tell them to bring a plate or a bottle too!)

Cut or shave your head/beard/moustache and get sponsored for doing it

Get a sponsor for your car e.g. local garage/motor dealer etc

Craft stall (or other kind of stall) at local market

Run a ‘Fashion Show’


Other ideas

You may have your own ideas and that’s great, if none of the above appeal to you and you want to do something more original then don’t forget Mr Google, he’s always happy to help! Search Fundraising Ideas - you’re bound to get a million or two!