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The Event

The BulldustNBack (BNB) Trial is a 4-day motoring adventure into the WA outback.

Our members and volunteers have worked diligently over the past six months to ensure we have all bases covered, whilst at the same time providing an adventure for all to enjoy.

Our preparations include a pre-surveyed route - triple navigated by local members with experience in similar events - think Variety Car Bash, 4WD Challenge, (motor) Bike Run, On The Road Again for RFDS, Christmas Pageant, Perth Skyworks, Perth Ramble plus many other community and charitable events.

The team under the guidance of local Rotarian Russel Lanyon have planned the course, conducted surveys and liaised with locals to find the best tracks possible for the inaugural BNB Trial.

You can’t afford to miss it!

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Be part of a fun experience…

"It will be a lot of fun and a great way to see parts of WA that you wouldn’t normally see…"

— Mark Horwood, Rotarian, Rotary Club of Mill Point.


The event will attract participants of all ages who are interested in motoring, adventure, fun and exploring Western Australia.

The BNB Trial will be remembered as being one of the fun events of 2019, safe and collegiate, where people raising funds for charity are recognised over the 4-day event in an affordable vehicle.

It is an event for teams vying for recognition as being the best dressed, telling the tallest tales, worst jokes and having the ugliest vehicle, creating mayhem in the safest possible way!