Our Partners


Rotary Club of Mill point (RCMP)

Actively involved in the community for more than 30 years. RCMP adds a new dimension to, and broadens life experiences through meeting and interacting with a wide range of people who share a passion for doing good for others - and more importantly having fun doing it!


Global Hand charity

This is an accredited charity which has helped tens of thousands of less fortunate people in remote areas of South East Asia. It has built schools, provided school books, provided hearing aids, built dormitories to keep young girls safe and to allow them to further their education. Global Hand Charity is currently providing scholarships for over 30 orphans in Vietnam and Sri Lanka to enable further education. They are also working in Cambodia, Vietnam and Sri Lanka providing Eyecare to thousands of people in rural communities to restore sight. As Global Hand Charity has no paid admin staff or overheads and all volunteers self-fund their flights, accommodation and food - it is a worthy beneficiary of any donation.


Ignite Communications

A local marketing, social media, photographic and consulting agency, Hannah Lawrance knows the difference local community involvement can make to those in need. Giving freely of time, resources and expertise, Hannah has worked tirelessly to bring this website together and used all her skills to make this a truly interactive site



Captivate Connect

By providing world leading Business Telephony systems globally, Captivate Connect is aware of the plight of many in poorer parts of the world. CEO Mark Horwood believes that businesses should do things to help those less fortunate. The team at Captivate Connect provide support for many charities and believes that the Kids Cancer Support Group (KCSG) is one of the most deserving as it is run wholly by volunteers so 100% of funds raised go to the Kids with Cancer projects and not to admin and salaries.



Thanks to Motorola in Burswood, we have acquired two-way handsets for each of our teams - this way you won’t get lost and if you do, we’ll be able to find you!



A small PR/Marketing/Communications agency, ffoliopr believes in giving back to the community and all work done for this event is pro bono.



The RAC have kindly offered to check all vehicles one week before the event free of charge. Thank you RAC we know we are in good hands!