It all begins here….


Day 1

Thursday 24 October.

Armadale to Kelleberrin. Overnight stay in Kelleberin Hotel, caravan park chalets or tents.

The briefing will provide route notes for all vehicles, these will tell everyone odometer readings at which to turn so no-one gets lost. Vehicles will leave Armadale at intervals and travel through forest tracks that have never been traveled on before. There is mechanical support so there are no worries if something goes wrong, After the forest tracks there is the excitement of some bumpy rutted gravel roads. Once in a while there will be some bitumen roads - but don' t worry about this - there will be plenty of challenges to meet, and the navigators will be just as busy as the drivers. Lunch is all catered for in an unusual spot - a museum out in the middle of nowhere - so prepare for plenty of whacky surprises! Its all part of the adventure. After lunch, it’s back on the road, and we suggest swapping drivers. Again we’ll travel along some bush tracks, through towns and the outback, then during the afternoon - somewhere - expect the unexpected! There will be a surprise stop with even more fun! Late afternoon will see us arrive in Kellerberrin to refuel vehicles and people, check in to accommodation or pitch the tent before dinner and entertainment.


Kelleberin Hotel
Type of rooms


108 Massingham St,

Kellerberrin WA 6410

(08) 9045 5000


day 2

Kelleberin to Wongan Hills. Overnight stay in Wongan Hills Hotel or Wongan Hills Caravan Park.

The morning briefing will provide a new set of Route notes and quiz questions.

We will depart Kellerberrin (not too early so we miss most of the kangas) and weave our way along dirt and dust covered gravel roads - again with questions to answer. The roads we will travel on will often not be on the maps so do not expect to rely on Google as there is little to no coverage in many parts of the BuildustNBack Trial. Follow the route notes with your Trip meter very closely.

Lunch today will be in a township where you can shop or restock supplies of ice or drinks.

Expect the unexpected all day today! Beware of being pulled over and breathalised or see some strange things on the road. This is a long day, full of surprises, challenges and interruptions. Late afternoon we will arrive at the town of Wongan Hills for drinks, dinner and fun - and we emphasise the FUN part!


Wongan Hills Hotel
Wongan Hills Caravan park


Wongan Hills Hotel

5 Fenton Place, Wongan Hills.
Ph 08 96711022
Fax 08 96711186

Wongan Hills Caravan Park

65 Wongan Rd, Wongan Hills WA 6603

Ph 0427 000 328



Wongan Hills to New Norcia. Stay overnight at New Norcia Hotel or Monastery.

Briefing will be held early and today's route notes will be handed out to everyone. We are now in the northern part of the wheatbelt and its wildflower season, driving through some of the most amazing scenery in the world! People travel from all over the world to see the wildflowers in Spring, so stop to take in the vista but don' t stop too long or the car behind you will pass you and you will be inhaling their Bulldust! There will be lots of different sights to see and the opportunity of traveling on some really interesting roads and tracks - all the while answering questions along the way.

You will again today, be challenged and have a lots of fun. Lunch is at a mystery location but it will be catered for and yummy.

This is a shorter day so we arrive in New Norcia in time to take an escorted tour of this amazing place before dinner and fun!


Type of Rooms


New Norcia Hotel
Great Northern Hwy, New Norcia WA 6509

(08) 9654 8034


Day 4

Time to go home….

Departing New Norcia after the morning briefing traveling south to see an amazing space phenomenon - not open to the public! You are invited as part of the BulldustNBack adventure to see this amazing place.

We’ve saved the best for last as we traverse some of the roughest tracks in Western Australia. These will challenge both vehicles and drivers and you will be relieved to be back on the BulldustNBack gravel roads driving towards our final mystery destination which includes lunch.

During lunch the awards will be presented and everyone will go home with some great memories, tall stories to tell and the knowledge that the fundraising efforts resulted in a lot of fun for us and a better life for Kids with Cancer, and Mental Health issues in WA.


Mystery Destination
Presentation of Awards and Prizes


Somewhere in Perth WA


What you need to know and bring

This event is to recognise and reward participants in thanks for fundraising of a minimum of $2000, ALL of which goes to charity.

Unlike some events and charities - our event pays no salaries.

You raise $FUNds and every cent benefits the needy.

Once you register we will send you ways to raise your FUNds, so don't see it it as a cost to you - share the love and engage suppliers, families, friends and associates.

You can go use your own vehicle or go out and buy an old one under $1500 - Gumtree has lots. Make sure it is roadworthy and safe though. It will need a front and back tow-point, a working odometer and ideally a trip meter. If you are using your own vehicle then please let us know.

The RAC has kindly agreed to check all vehicles for safety FREE of charge. You will need a fire extinguisher with current certification, and if you choose the camping option rather than hotels, make sure your tent and swags are all OK. Bring a clipboard and some pens to answer the cryptic questions along the route.

Above all bring a costume that matches the theme of your vehicle. If unsure, we will guide you.